From Meditation Facilitator Arely Sulvaran-Achenbach:

“I’m devoted to my family and to Heartfulness meditation practice, as well as sharing it everywhere.

Heartfulness meditation practice is a very simple, practical and effective way of experiencing the Heart’s unlimited resources. The programs offered and sessions are very simple in design and delivery and the emphasis is on the experience of the practitioner.  The sessions include 5 to 10 minutes maximum of talk and then 20-30 minutes of the actual practice. I’m devoted to my family and to Heartfulness meditation practice, as well as sharing it everywhere.

Through this transformational meditation, we experience many benefits at so many levels.  For example, we can learn to develop calmness, experience deep relaxation, feel optimistic, increase awareness, improve mood and emotional intelligence. Meditation helps develop positive social connections/relationships, improves immune system and energy levels, improves breathing and heart rates, increases focus and mental strengths, betters cognitive skills, decision making, creative thinking, and the list goes on.

However, in Heartfulness meditation, by bringing our attention to the heart, we learn to tune-in and find balance within. We learn to regulate our minds; that is, we calm our minds, we relax our bodies, and let go of tensions and accumulated stress, when we tune into our hearts. We can then begin to experience those unlimited resources already present such as love, peace, inspiration, empathy, courage, compassion, humility, generosity, honesty, etc.  And when we FEEL those resources WITHIN US, we automatically think, speak, act, respond, and live from those feelings instead of coming from feelings of fear, pain, resentment, stress, anger,etc; we face challenges by feeling RESOURCEFUL FROM WITHIN; We deeply appreciate all.  We perceive people, situations, and life differently, and thus, we respond differently.  It may look like our life has changed, but what really changes through this practice is the condition of our HEARTS.  The quality of our relationship with our own self, our loved ones and all people comes from a place of love and peace, and this, without doubt, improves the quality of any person’s life.

I learned this practice 15 years ago, when my trainer and his family shared this practice with such love and dedication.  What I learned from their kindness and loving ways doesn’t have a price. The Heartfulness Institute is run by 100 volunteers.  The United Nations and Department of Public Information work jointly to promote universal peace and harmony through yoga and meditation and the learning and practicing of Heartfulness relaxation and meditation are free of charge worldwide. All trainers around the world are volunteers who are deeply inspired by their own experiences and so there is no need or reason to charge.

There is no place in my heart or even a thought of being paid for sharing something that can have such profound, unlimited wellness, and transformation in another person.”
To schedule a meditation session with Arely, please contact the front desk.